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Dear Buyer Letter

Dear Buyer,
As much as I LOVE looking at houses and meeting people, it doesn’t really make sense to look yet. If we don’t have a pre-approval we cannot buy. Believe me, I know how difficult this is! I understand how anxious you are to start looking! It is exciting!
I have been in situations where I let my guard down and we started looking – for educational purposes. The buyer was excited and I thought it was a good idea to start looking to stay motivated and to allow the buyer to see how the market is working. However, when I have taken this option, it has never turned out good. The buyer falls in love with a house and is angry (with me!!??!!!) that they cannot get it – either because the seller requires a pre-approval, or we have even gotten an offer accepted – only to have to break the contract because the financing wasn’t ready. This leaves a bad feeling towards me not only from the buyer, but also from the other agent – that I have to continue to work with!
In addtion, I am not able to offer AWESOME service to all my other clients that are pre-approved if my time is being spent with someone that isn’t really ready to buy yet.
I hope you understand. I REALLY WANT to work with you! I KNOW I can help find the right house, at the right time, and protect you and your family through the process. I know how to minimize the stress that often comes with buying a house.
Let’s get the issues resolved so we have the pre-approval. In the mean time, attend open houses, watch the market. Anytime you have questions, let me know! If you talk with an agent, tell them you already have an Awesome Agent!!

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